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Norwegian Cruise Line Delivers a Total
Redesign with the F3

by Roy Witman © 2008

It sounds more like a fighter plane than a cruise ship, but Norwegian Cruise Line's in-the-works F3 is slated to take the cruise industry by storm. In a radical move, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) CEO Colin Veitch told Travel Trade magazine, “We have thrown away the rule book of ship design and started with staterooms.” While most of the design elements are still tightly under wraps, industry buzz is centered on the shape of the entry-level staterooms. In addition, talk focuses on what's missing in the F3 as much as what has changed.

The Bathroom

Anyone who's ever sailed on a cruise ship knows to expect a large box as you walk through the door. This obstruction houses your cabin's bathroom and, while certainly necessary, it protrudes into the living area taking up a lot of floor space.

In a new cabin design called the “Wave,” NCL has split the bathroom. Wave cabins will have a shower cubicle on one side and a toilet cubicle on the other. An open vanity with sink and wash area have been repositioned in the living space. The result of this one simple change is a stateroom that feels more open and roomy.

“Feels” is the operative word.

Stateroom Designs

The most noticeable design upgrade in the staterooms is the curved walls. Again, while not actually gaining very much actual square footage, the illusion is that you have a more spacious living area. This new, modern décor is more sophisticated moving away from the vibrant, sometimes outlandish designs of earlier ships in the NCL fleet.

An earth-tone palette offset with deep shades of blues, reds and oranges lends a more elegant flair to even the most basic of cabins.

What about popular accommodations such as the Garden Villas and Courtyard Villas? Company executives assure guests they won't be disappointed at the makeover that's been planned for these cabins.

Ship Specifics

Two F3 ships are underway, but they won't see the open ocean until 2010. At 150,000 tons, each ship will hold 4,200 passengers. Eighty percent of staterooms will follow the new Wave design and 100% of all outside cabins will offer balconies.

With many industry firsts coming from NCL, now is an excellent time to cruise. If you're a die-hard cruise fan, mark your calendars so you can pre-book your tour on the new F3s. If you're new to cruising, check out other innovative ships in the current NCL fleet and find the time of your life.

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