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NCL Freestyle Cruising: Vacations the Way
You Always Wanted

NCL Freestyle Cruising is radically different from any other cruise line. Rather than adhering to preset schedules, you actually get to relax and enjoy your vacation. Traditionally, cruise lines are famous for setting schedules and rules for dining, seating arrangements, dress codes, activity times and more. However, NCL Freestyle Cruising set out to break that mold and free vacationers to spend their time the way they wanted to. After all, isn't that what a vacation is all about?

Stripping the restrictions from the cruise experience, NCL Freestyle Cruising brings a fun, whimsical and unconventional environment to all its ships. With the newest fleet at sea, NCL has either built or recently retrofitted all its vessels specifically for the Freestyle Cruising experience.

While aboard, you're completely on your own schedule. Eat whenever you like. Sit with whoever you want. Dress however suits you. Do whatever you choose. The clock stops ticking the moment you come onboard. You can be free to enjoy a laidback atmosphere filled with fun, adventure and relaxation just the way you always wanted.

Freestyle Dining

Unlike other cruise lines that make you dine at a specific time, in a specific dining room, Freestyle dining operates just like making a reservation at your favorite spot back home. Restaurants open at 5:30 p.m. and stay open until midnight. You choose the dining room and cuisine that suits you that day and make a reservation, so you can eat when you want to eat. A wide range of menu selections gives you more taste-tempting treats than you might be able to hold. From Italian to French, from sushi to burgers and fries, the choices are all yours.

Freestyle Dress Code

What's the dress code while NCL Freestyle Cruising? Simply put, there isn't one! No evening gown and tuxedo are required (unless you want to dress for dinner). For dinner, shows, nightclubs or anything else on the ship, “resort casual” is as dressed up as you will ever be expected to get. For those who like to get decked out for the night, many restaurants offer formal options.

Freestyle Activities

Want to do it all? Or rather do nothing at all? It's entirely up to you. Get active with a round at the golf driving range. Practice your backhand with a set of tennis. Relax and melt away with a multitude of luxurious spa treatments or just sit on deck and watch the world go by. When it comes to excursions, each port of call offers an exciting array of activities, tours and shopping.

Freestyle Service

While NCL Freestyle Cruising may be drastically different from other cruise lines in many respects, one thing is certain: Service is the top priority. With a premium level of guest services on every ship, you'll find that the atmosphere is casual, but the attentive pampering you receive is highly rated.