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From Ancient To Futuristic - Singapore Has It All
by Roy Witman © 2009

The home page of the official Singapore tourism site suggests that you'll “discover a world of unique contrasts” when visiting this island. Nothing could be truer! From ancient culture to modern luxury, from mystical old traditions to mind-blowing sci-fi exhibits in the Singapore Science Center, you'll find plenty to see and do. Interested in the past? Present? Future? Singapore delivers enough unique entertainment for the entire family.

Jurong Bird Park

Filled with color (and feathers!), Jurong Bird Park is home to over 9,000 birds of over 600 species. Sure, you can visit birds almost anywhere in the world, but can they visit you? Go behind the scenes and feed the Lories with this up-close experience few get to have. Tour the walk-in aviary complete with simulated thunderstorms or the waterfall aviary where the birds fly free. You can even view the feeding of the pelicans- from underneath the water! Flamingos, macaws, hornbills, cocktatoos, penguins and more welcome you to their homes each time you visit.

Singapore Science Center Water Works

Here's fun for the whole family! The Singapore Science Center is filled with excitement and intrigue, but one of the favorites for both adults and children is the Water Works. With both indoor and outdoor areas, you splash around and get completely wet as you learn about water and conservation. The Water Maze lets you work your way through twists and turns as jets of water blast out from everywhere. Water Rockets empower you with supersonic water guns you can shoot high into the air. There are over 11 exhibits in all including a giant dryer so you can dry off while you learn about the evaporation process. Truly a unique experience.

History and Heritage

With a history that dates back thousands of years, Singapore is rich with culture. From brilliantly decorated temples to the midnight supper at Lau Pa Sat market, you'll be thrilled with the tradition and legacy that is still alive today amid this modern city.

Singapore River

Remarkably beautiful, historically significant and geographically important; the Singapore River runs through the heart of the city and empties into the ocean. Previously used for trade and defense, this small body of water now hosts delightful tours. Or you can enjoy the river view shore-side thanks to the abundance of restaurants and shops that line the waterfront.

Night Safaris

Another first for Singapore is Night Safari. The first wildlife park built specifically for night tours, Night Safari lets you and your family catch a glistening glimpse of bobcat eyes in the dark, hyenas on the move or rhinos in their natural environment. Since most of the animals here are nocturnal, it only made sense to develop a program for viewing these creatures while they are most active. Each exhibit is illuminated with special techniques so you get to see these species in a whole new light! Explore by foot or via tram.

The best of old and new come together in Singapore. Whether you seek adventure and romance or an educational family experience, Singapore and its surrounding islands give a vacation that won't soon be forgotten. When booking your next cruise, ask your travel agent about voyages that call on Singapore.