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Destination Spotlight - Year Round Beauty in Milford Sound, New Zealand
by Roy Witman © 2009

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful that your jaw literally dropped? This is Milford Sound, New Zealand. With a unique contradiction of tranquility and excitement, Milford Sound offers stunning beauty that will stop you where you stand while also delivering exhilarating up-close encounters with fascinating wildlife. This inspirational area of the world is highly acclaimed for its scenery, fauna and flora. Come discover why.

Milford Sound is a fiord: a long, narrow sea inlet that runs between steep slopes. Just approaching this region will leave you breathless. It's as if you're quietly tiptoeing through a narrow passageway in order not to disturb the beauty. As you glide through the water, the sounds of nature fill the air - from the rushing of powerful waterfalls to birdsongs and the whistling of the wind.

Milford Sound At Every Season

Regardless of the season, majestic mountains thrust from the water to amazing heights. Admiring these peaks can become a trance-like experience whether they are lush green in summer or snow- capped in winter. Remember, because New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, their seasons are reverse of those on the opposite side of the world.

During summer (New Zealand's summer, that is) from November 1 - February 30 temperatures range between 21 and 28 degrees centigrade (72 and 86 Fahrenheit). Winter (from June through August) is still mild with average highs between 11 or 12 degrees centigrade (around 52 Fahrenheit) making outdoor activities possible year round. While upper elevations see some awesome snowfall during this season, lower elevations usually remain untouched.

Sea Kayaking Is THE Way to See Milford Sound

Sea kayaking is one of the most popular water sports in Milford Sound and undoubtedly the best way to see everything this area offers. The tropical setting is likely to keep you in awe as you take in towering overhangs Mother Nature and Father Time crafted out of pure, natural granite. Waterfalls lend added beauty as do the towering glaciers. But much of the attraction isn't above- it's beneath.

As you paddle along, don't be surprised to have your boat bumped by a playful bottlenose dolphin looking for a new mate. Penguins and fur seals are likely to join in the fun as well. It's a true nature-lover's dream!

Exciting Excursions

From guided kayak tours or day cruises to adventuresome waterfall ice climbing and snow skiing, this World Heritage Site is an excellent holiday for active types. Sit back and refresh yourself on the luxurious beaches before venturing out again.

Snowmobiling, glacier climbing, whitewater rafting, backpacking and countless other quests are at your fingertips when you visit Milford Sound and the nearby areas.

Past "the land down under," New Zealand is literally the last stop before you reach the end of the earth. Don't miss your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit such a thrilling and stunning playground. Check with your travel agent to find fabulous tours to New Zealand that include stops in Milford Sound.

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