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Modern Ships Whisk You Away to Ancient Lands of Wonder
by Roy Witman © 2009

Centuries ago, the cities that lined the coast of the Mediterranean Sea ruled the world. The pinnacle of power and influence was found with the crowned heads of Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey and more. With admiration for their innovation and a tremendous fear for the reign they held over citizens, residents of these ancient empires were at the mercy of both greatness and power for centuries.

Now you can tour the architectural wonders of the holy lands and other areas of great historical significance when you book a Mediterranean cruise. The tremendous value of cruises lets you travel with your entire family for a fraction of the cost of land-based vacations. With meals, lodging, transportation between ports, entertainment and onboard activities included in your passage, it's a value like no other.

Depending on the cruise you book, you can visit some of the best-loved destinations in the Mediterranean which might include the following:

Rome, Italy

This iconic piece of Roman architecture typifies the brilliance of the era. Designed to seat 50,000 people, the Colosseum played host to everything from dramas and other plays to battles to the death and executions. This is but one world-renowned site you'll see. In addition, look for excursions that tour St. Peter's Cathedral, the Pantheon, Sistine Chapel and more.

Naples, Italy

Once completely buried by a furious eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, Naples now has one of the most interesting archeological dig sites in the world. Mt. Vesuvius hasn't erupted since 1944, but is still considered one of the most potentially dangerous volcanoes on earth. Nearby - just a ferry ride away - is Capri, a tiny island with a big reputation for lemons, basil and romance.

Athens, Greece

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Acropolis dates back to the 6th millennium BC. Seated high upon a hill and visible for miles, this exceptional complex of architecture is home to the Parthenon, Temple of Athena and other historically significant buildings within the campus. In addition, you can tour Olympic Stadium and other sights during your visit to the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Barcelona, Spain

Breathtaking cathedrals, the talent of Picasso and the diversity and fun of Las Ramblas (the city's main outdoor marketplace) make Barcelona a jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean. As the 1888 World's Fair host and 1992 Olympic Games host, there is plenty to see and do in this exceptionally clean city.

Cairo, Egypt

Like something taken from an old movie, Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt, are home to museums filled with ancient mummies, the pyramids and the Sphinx. Fronted by the Nile River, Cairo is the most populated city in Arabic culture.

From Istanbul, Turkey to Monte Carlo, Monaco, Mediterranean cruises usher you from shore to shore throughout a region of great historical significance. With the romance and intrigue each port of call brings, you'll find something for everyone to enjoy.

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