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Resolving to Get Fit for the New Year?
Cruising Is the Way to Go!

by Roy Witman © 2008

Countless people make New Year's resolutions to get into shape and lose weight. Many of them fail reportedly due to lack of motivation, support or a viable plan. There is a new trend developing among fitness enthusiasts, however, that overcomes these three obstacles while delivering luxury, scrumptious food and fun. What's the trend? Cruising into shape.

Cruise ships have offered well-equipped fitness centers on their vessels for years. However, with fitness and nutrition experiencing an increase in popularity, many ships have taken great strides to create an atmosphere that nurtures a healthy lifestyle without compromising the lavish cruise experience. With onboard fitness instructors, innovative and fun exercise opportunities and healthy gourmet meals, a cruise ship has become the perfect starting point for your New Year's resolution.

Fun Is the Key to Exercise

If you don't enjoy exercise, chances are you won't keep up any fitness routine you establish. But with exciting activities available to you 24/7, you can quickly discover new ways to keep moving while having a blast.

For example, instructor-led aerobics, stretch and cardio classes are available on most cruise ships as are jogging tracks, volleyball (on deck or in the pool) and dancing. With professionally created fitness sessions designed to be fun, it doesn't seem like exercise at all. Royal Caribbean offers ice skating, rock climbing, trampolines and even boxing. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) provides a bowling alley and basketball while Holland America offers personal trainers plus yoga and Pilates classes.

Each cruise line has its own key fitness features, so check for the one(s) that pique your interest.

Exceptional Dining for Those on a Diet

But what about the food? One of the greatest pleasures of cruising is indulging in gourmet meals prepared by world-class chefs. Fitness buffs are often nervous about entering a den of food sin and blowing everything they have worked for. The question that is often asked is, “Can I indulge and not regret it later”? The answer is a resounding yes!

The cruise lines constantly have their pulse on public opinion. That includes requests for amazingly delicious meals that offer less fat, sugar and other undesirable carbs. These flavorful meals are just as luxurious, just as tempting and will have you feeling just as spoiled. All without any guilt.

You can even make special dietary requests before you embark on your voyage. Check with your cruise line for details.

What better way to get into shape than while surrounded by a staff that can pamper and spoil you 24/7? Would you rather suffer through the beginning stages of shaping up or be counseled and aided by personal trainers? Would you rather starve yourself with rabbit food or dine on scrumptious meals prepared by professional chefs? Would you rather pound out mile after mile on a gym treadmill or take part in activities that get you moving while having the time of your life?

If you're serious about shaping up, then you won't find any better place to begin (or to maintain!) than a voyage at sea.