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Getting Away From It All In the Falkland Islands
by Roy Witman © 2009

Do you feel like you've seen everything worth seeing? So often, vacationers have tunnel vision when it comes to choosing a vacation destination. There are the standard top 10 locations and then there are some little known yet extraordinary spots few will visit during their lifetimes. If you're the adventurous type and a true nature lover, do I have a suggestion for you!

The Falkland Islands are honestly located at the ends of the earth. Trailblazers who long for unique and inspiring holiday destinations will find this little corner of the world absolutely enthralling. Naturalists often compare the Falkland Islands to the Galapagos Islands because of the widely diverse collection of wildlife that make it their homes. With over 70 species of birds and 17 different species of mammals, there's no shortage of photo opportunities.

Take A Walk On the Wild Side

Marine mammals and birds are extremely abundant on the Falkland Islands. You can't throw a rock without hitting a penguin! (Not that you'd want to.) In fact, five types of penguins can be found including feisty little rock-hoppers all the way up to giant king penguins. With the world's largest colonies of black- browed albatross, birdwatchers will get a special treat while visiting the islands.

In addition, elephant seals, sea lions, fur seals, dolphins and killer whales fill the surrounding ocean in such large quantities that sightings are frequent and common. Just as with the animals on Galapagos, the creatures found in the Falkland Islands are no strangers to humans.

Accessible at every turn, you'll likely discover that these animals are as curious about you as you are about them. While walking on the beach, don't be surprised if a colony of several thousand gentoo penguins begins to approach and surround you.

Things To Do

Fly-fishing is big on the Falklands. September, October, March and April are the best months for fly- fishing on the Chartres River. As with all other animals, there's an abundance of fresh-run sea trout in the rivers here. Daily catches of 30 or 40 trout have been repeatedly reported as well as a record-setting 22-pound catch! If fishing isn't your thing, there are plenty of other activities that draw visitors to this area of the world.

Sea kayaking is a fun adventure that takes you out into the open waters of the south Atlantic. On guided tours, you'll navigate the coastline in search of encounters with sea life including massive whales and whimsical dolphins.

Mountain bikers will enjoy treks up numerous ranges on both the east and west sides of the islands. Climbers and hikers can take to many of the same routes as they absorb the great outdoors.

What You Don't Get

Probably the most surprising aspect of the Falkland Islands is what you don't get. In this peaceful, casual British-run country, you won't find crowds, flashing neon signs, fast food restaurants or stress. According to the official Falkland Islands website, "This is a land where nature is sovereign, and mankind is the minority."

What you will receive during your vacation is clean air, personal security, greetings from friendly people, delightful inns and hotels, an abundance of seafood and an authentic, up close and personal visit with Mother Nature.

When following the masses isn't appealing for your next getaway, change the tone of your holiday and escape to nowhere. The Falkland Islands will give you a much-needed break from the typical and open your eyes to the extraordinary.