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Bermuda: Island Jewel of the Atlantic
by Roy Witman ©2010

What offers miles of pink beaches, turquoise seas, and stunning blue skies above emerald golf courses? If you guessed Bermuda, you'd be right. No other place on earth combines sun, sand, and surf into paradise quite like this island nation in the Atlantic.

A New Haven for Cruise Lovers

Only in the last few years have Bermuda ports been opened to larger cruise ships. In an effort to keep crowds to a minimum and the islands as pristine as possible, the government of Bermuda placed heavy regulations on cruise lines wanting to visit their corner of heaven. Now, though, Bermuda has opened her arms and is welcoming travelers wishing to experience the beauty and luxury of life among the palms. If you're searching for somewhere new to cruise, Bermuda might just be for you.

Bermuda's history as a British colony shows in her quiet sophistication and charm. Unlike other island getaways, Bermudians prefer to keep the bikinis on the beach, so you won't find any swimsuits in town. What you will find is elegant dining, boutique shops, and a rich past that is evident in the unique architecture of the area. Spend the day wandering the winding alleyways of St. George's on a self-guided tour, and cap it off with a quiet dinner for two in a stylish bistro.

For sun and sand lovers, Bermuda's miles of immaculate beaches provide plenty of space to spread out a towel and while away the hours. You'll have nothing more pressing to do than keep your tan lines intact and watch the sun make its way across a cloudless sky. The coral reefs that form the foundation of this island chain offer protection for many of the beaches, making them ideal for swimming. Snorkelers will love to explore the underwater majesty of the reefs, where bright fishes and graceful stingrays dance in the clear blue water.

Golf Lovers Fantasy Vacation

With more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else on earth, Bermuda is a dream come true for those who prefer their sand in a trap instead of on the beach. With greens perched high atop windswept cliffs and spectacular views of the Atlantic from nearly every hole, you may find it difficult to concentrate on those long putts, though.

This tiny nation of a mere 21 square miles is home to ten courses, many of them designed by such famed architects as Deveraux Emmett and Charles Blair Macdonald. Some of the most famous players in history have hit the links in Bermuda, including Bob Hope, Winston Churchill, and Jack Kennedy, so be sure to bring your “A” game!

Whether you prefer an activity-filled trip or a quiet time away from the demands of daily life, this jewel of the Atlantic has everything you need to make your vacation dreams a reality. Bermuda's seven major islands offer a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment to suit nearly every taste, all surrounded by gorgeous beaches and gentle surf. Visit Bermuda, and you'll know why it's called paradise.

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