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Conquer the World of Alaska Sport and Fly Fishing
by Roy Witman © 2008

According to experts, Alaska has some of the best fishing in the country. The oceans, rivers and lakes are packed with record-breaking salmon, rainbow trout, arctic char, halibut and more. Alaska is home to five different species of Pacific salmon. But even if Alaska didn't hold the world record for king salmon, it would still provide some of the most breathtaking nature views on the face of the earth.

Alaska is portioned into five distinct regions, each covering thousands of square miles: south central, southeast, southwest, interior and far north. Each offers its own distinct challenges. Whether you're into sport fishing or fly fishing, you'll find a thrill a minute as you battle with some of the most challenging species in the U.S.

Sport Fishing

This is unlike any other fishing expedition you've ever been on before. Fish cruise-ship style aboard luxury boats with kitchens, cabins and bathrooms. You'll be picked up from your hotel or cruise ship and ushered through parts of scenic Alaska before reaching your dock. Day and half-day tours are available. Not a fisherman (or fisherwoman)? Use this opportunity to photograph eagles, sea lions, and humpback and killer whales, all just feet away.

Fishing licenses are available onboard the fishing vessel. Snacks or lunch is provided, depending on the length of the fishing excursion. Best of all, your catch can be processed, frozen and shipped to your home for an additional charge.

Fly Fishing

Take flight before you set sail! You'll embark on two adventures in one as licensed seaplane captain and crew whisk you away to secluded rivers and streams for a day of fly fishing. During your seaplane flight, you'll enter the Inside Passage - home to brown and black bear, moose, deer and other wildlife that can frequently be spotted from the air.

If you book a cruise to Alaska on Princess Cruises, you'll have the option of participating in this truly unique excursion. Princess describes this tour by saying, “An experienced bush pilot flies you to a remote stream or tidal estuary aboard a floatplane. Depending on the season, you may pursue one of four varieties of Pacific salmon or Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout. Whether you're an experienced or novice angler, your guide is available to assist you.”

“In addition to excellent fishing opportunities, wildlife sightings are common. As a conservation measure, fishing is conducted on a catch-and-release basis.” All gear and equipment are provided.

Alaska fishing is an excellent getaway for families and other groups or as an annual “guy's adventure.” When you add the stunning beauty to the action of world-class fishing, you'll have vacation memories you won't forget anytime soon.

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